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We love talking about what we do and sharing our passions for this work. Here you will find media featuring our member of our collective as individuals or as a unit!

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Stone Circles Collective

Each member of Stone Circles Collective shared  energetic practices that can be used when working with death and grief as well as methods of personal energetic hygiene. 

Since all of our members have such unique perspectives and spiritual practices this discussion included herb, stone, sound and smoke clearing guidance. As well as, a beautiful wall wash and a how-to to use fasting as a physical and spiritual cleanse. We end our discussion with a beautiful guided meditation. All topics covered are listed here

Dying to Live Podcast

End of Life Doulas. "We help you out" With Stone Circles

Welcome to Dying to Live: where — I bring you the stories of how change makers, thought leaders and humans just like you harness their inner courage to kill the things that are standing in their way and rebirth into their most authentic selves.


Here we learn how death and grief can be fierce allies and powerful tools to help you create your most fulfilled and abundant life. If you want to start saying HELL YES to the person you were before they told you who to be, this podcast is for you. 

I’m Kristen Elliott, and I’m dying to share this with you. 

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Here Be Monsters Podcast

Dying Well

We live in a culture of “death denial”. That’s what Amanda Provenzano thinks. She sees it when medical professionals use euphemisms like ‘passing away’ instead of ‘dying’. She sees it when funeral parlors use makeup to make it look like a person is not dead but sleeping. Most often she sees it when her clients’ loved ones insist their dying family member is going to pull through, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Pop Culture Oppression Obsession

– with honored guest: Bree Sadira Rose – End of Life/Death Doula!

Here on this episode of Pop Culture Oppression Obsession, PopCOO, we are continuing our Covid-comfort series of new and engaging conversations with treasured members of our community from across the spectrum of lifestyle and experience. Today we welcome honored guest, Bree Sadira Rose, healer, musician, poet, end of life doula.

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