Supporting Sovereignty in Life and Death

Non-Medical Care

Individualized Guidance & Support 

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Advance Care Planning (ACP) and Death Plans

With Advance Care Planning (ACP) you can choose the people who you deeply trust to be a voice for you when you are not physically capable. Your chosen people will have the legal right to advocate for your autonomy and identity at end of life.

A death plan is also created to develop a legally binding outline for honoring the way you choose to plan your vigil, wake, and/or disposition. This is an opportunity to insure your desires are held  through detailing your active dying process and remembrance wishes.


Vigils can be a time of peace and reflection but also of heightened emotion, confusion, or loneliness if there is no one available to sit and hold space at the bedside.

We offer assistance in honoring the wishes stated in your death plan. This can include 24 hour bedside support and maintaining a peaceful space for loved ones and the dying.

Helping Hands

Compassionate Companionship

Coming to terms with the imminent death of yourself or a loved one can be a confusing and emotional journey. We are not here to offer meaning or solutions, but to hold compassionate space for your process and to be a safe and confidential sounding board. We provide quiet companionship during times when you simply do not want to be alone, your care giver would like a respite or other in-home support is requested.

Natural Burial Options

Naturally we come, and naturally we can go. 

From water cremation (alkaline hydrolysis) to a true green burial, we are here to discuss the most fitting option and offer you many resources to choose from. 



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