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Trainings and Education

BA in Psychology 

I studied at Seattle University and completed my degree with a senior seminar project on making meaning through death and funerary rituals


International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA)

In this training I learned the three-phase model that serves as the foundation for the doula approach, as well as an understanding of the philosophy and spirit of service that underpins the approach.

Sacred Death Tending - Cunning Crow Apothecary

The focus of this training taught by Ylva Radziszewski was on the discussion of physical and spiritual biology of the dying process, co-creating funerary ceremonies and rituals around the phases of death, and clearing and maintaining a sacred space to support a beneficial and full passage.


A Sacred Passing level 1 & 2

Under the instruction of Ashley Benem, I furthered my education on compassionate companioning, vigil coordination, body washing and home funerals.


Advanced Care Planning Certified Facilitator

Training with Honoring Choices on how to facilitate conversations and completion of Advance Care Directive Plans and Power of Attorney selection.


No One Dies Alone Instructor

A Program developed by Peace Health to understand how to train organizations and groups on how to assist people dying alone. Instructors guide groups of volunteers in creating a phone tree and system to assist residents within 72 hours of dying.

The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death

Completed online training course for holding space for  pregnancy loss and stillbirth.

In this training skills are developed to approach the delicate subject of pregnancy loss  with compassion and empathy.

Grief and Loss, Moving On Hypnotherapy Training

A training by Helen Breward to assist clients in coming to terms with grief & loss. This course is designed to help those suffering from grief and loss to feel calmer, relaxed and able to use coping tools and strategies to help themselves move forward with life.

American Clinicians Academy
on Medical Aid in Dying

Successfully completed the Aid-in-Dying
Training for end-of-life doula and bedside-attendants, from the American Clinicians Academy
on Medical Aid in Dying.

Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Accredited

Practitioner Course

Notary Public

NHFA Proficient


Ordained Interfaith Minister


Hospice Volunteer at Bailey-Boushay House since 2018

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