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A Psychopomp's Journey

A Psychopomp is a being who guides souls between the land of the living and the realm of the dead. You will find psychopomp spirits throughout folklore and history in most every culture worldwide.

Psychopomps take many forms including animals, deities, and natural phenomena. 

Some believe that these entities do not only come through at the time of your death, but perhaps there are one or more psychopomp spirits who are keeping a protective watch over your soul while you currently live and breathe. Perhaps you have already seen them while in a liminal space.

In this workshop, I will utilize the vibrational energies of a gong and crystal bowls along with a trance induction and guided journey to bring you into a liminal space where you may catch a glimpse or make a connection with the psychopomps around you. We will also take time to discuss the fascinating folklore and history about these tridimensional beings.

Bring a blanket and scarf or sleep mask for your eyes for the journey portion of the workshop. Light snacks will be provided.

* It is important to me to keep my services accessible, so I have sliding scale discount options available.

Use the following coupon codes at checkout to pay what you can honestly afford:

SPIRITGUIDE25 for $25 off

SPIRITGUIDE50 for $50 off

Date TBD

*sliding scale options available

Led by Bree Rose in her Seattle office at 1127 10th Ave E

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