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Compose a letter for your beloved deceased. Plant the message and watch it bloom.


This handmade paper is intended to create a ritual connection when remembering and honoring a loved one who has died. It has been carefully crafted with inlays of rose petals for love, rosemary for remembrance, bay laurel for communication with the dead, and wildflower seeds. A message can be written on the back and the paper buried at a place of special significance, or a garden dedicated to memories which can serve as a place to think about your person if there isn't a grave or other tangible marker to visit.


Each bundle comes with 3 sheets of paper.

Appearance may differ slightly from original photo since each piece is handmade and unique.




Seeded Memorial Paper

  • To plant: Place paper on gently compressed soil and cover with about 1/8" of additional soil and water until completely moist. Keep the area watered and in a sunny location and watch your messages sprout and bloom.

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