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Compassionate Companioning

In dying, in the impending or sudden death of a loved one, or when sifting through the aftermath of grief and logistics, I am here to support you. 

In Dying

Whether the anticipated death is for you or a loved one, I can offer support in the form of creating a death plan, discussing ideas for a vigil, ritual, and remembrance ceremony, and holding a sacred container to advocate for your wishes at the time of transition. This time can also simply be spent in each other's company where I can offer a cup of tea, an open heart, and a nonbiased ear. 

In Death

Whether or not a death is expected, it can create a time of confusion and upheaval for those left behind. I can offer a calming presence and give you the space you need to process this shift as I assist in making phone calls and arrangements and educating you about your options. This can also be a time for sitting as sacred witness to the departed and guiding through the necessary steps for a home funeral if the body is to be kept at home.

In Grief

Intense grief and loss can forever change you, leaving you to learn to move through the world you thought you knew in a new form with a new perspective. I am here to walk beside you through your process of re-becoming with compassionate conversation and ritual.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mental health professional and my services should not be used in place of licensed physician or counselor.

$60 per hour

I am happy to meet for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your wishes and options​. I believe in the importance of assuring we have an energetic connection and an understanding of each other prior to embarking in this work together.

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