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End of Life Allies

Trusted Friends of Stone Circles Collective


Amanda Provenzano

Soul Soil Support

The past few years have been a winding road (for us all). I’ve had the honor to start Stone Circles Collective with Bree Rose and welcome Kristen and Melissa into our family. Death and grief alchemy has been a lifelong focus and I am so grateful to have expanded the little knowing I had with these lovely people.

As the tide changes, we change. Life is uncontrollable and allowing this to anchor in my bones helped free me of much pain. While being deathly ill, I sought acupuncture. My life was saved and I knew I had to learn this 400 year old practice. My life is now consumed with learning the arts of Chinese medicine and Japanese acupuncture. I’ve also been guided to apprentice under an 86 year sensei for the next four years.

I am never putting down the belief that we have sovereignty in life and death and am continually supportive of SSC. Right now though, my path is to learn these ancient arts so I can support dying eold and their loved ones with natural pain relief and grief alchemy.

Collaborating with the people of SSC has offered many beautiful lessons throughout the years. I am so excited to see what more we will learn from them in the future. So much gratitude to our clients, supporters, and each other. I will always be in spirit as an ally of SSC. 

Much love,


Kristen Elliott

Compassionate Presence

When I let my fellow Stone Circles Doulas know that life had gotten too full and that I needed to put some things on pause, make space and gracefully, respectfully step out of the group, they immediately supported me. It speaks volumes about the way they support everyone in transition - always expertly holding space for the human experience and all its beauty, wonder and pain. While I am transitioning out of being an active Stone Circles member, I will stay close with them and their important work. I'm excited for the things they have planned this year and cheer them on, always. Here's to those who hold space for all of our transitions!

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