We are a collective of guides, funerary support and remembrance artistry. Each guide and doula below is available independently  or as a team of support. Recognizing how unique the human experience is we understand that one or all of us will resonate differently with you. Please click on our names to see who we are individually and how we help.

Bree Rose

Bree Rose is the founder of Stone Circles Doula Care and co-founder of Stone Circles Collective. She is passionate about advocating for the end of life rights of individuals and educating about green burial and home funeral options. There is a focus on herbs, ritual, and sound healing in her work that lends itself beautifully to a unique and meaningful end of life and grief processing experience.

Amanda Provenzano

Amanda is a Doula and Grief Guide, Healthcare Advocate and Grief Workshop Facilitator. She believes all people have the right to live and die with peace and dignity, which is why non-medical end of life support is so needed. This guidance comforts loved ones so they have time to focus on the dying person and themselves. Years of interpersonal support, teachings from elders, and a culmination of many life lessons helped Amanda focus on grief releasing techniques.

Kristen Elliott

‚ÄčKristen is an end of life guide, providing sacred space holding and support for the dying. She is an educated and intuitive presence through all aspects of the end of life process. Whether assisting with Legacy projects, paperwork, helping design and carry out wishes for the last days, coordinating post-death or simply being present, she is humbled and honored to be on this journey with you.

Melissa Gonzales

Melissa Gonzales offers compassionate, comprehensive end-of-life doula services. Melissa understands that each one of us leads unique lives and our end-of-life process, care and after death needs are just as unique. As an end-of-life doula listening to client concerns, stories and honoring sacred wishes are invaluable, for creating a safe container for the journey of a lifetime. Melissa received instruction from the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA), is a Reiki level II practitioner, is a mindfulness yoga instructor, plays the singing bowls as a vibrational sound healer,  taught by the Atmi Buti Sound & Vibrational School, and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister.  

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