Stone Circles Events

Starting Tuesday, January 5th, 7pm PST


Grief shows up in many ways, connecting with others who are in a similar space as you can clear a path to integrating your new normal. 

Beginning Jan. 5th Amanda Provenzano will lead a six week grief group with the kind support of Melissa Gonzales as co-facilitator. Each meeting is held in a closed online group via GoToMeeting to maintain confidentiality. Support builds every week on the previous meeting with reflections, sharing and listening.


Once registered, Amanda Provenzano will connect with you prior to the start of the group. To maintain an open environment the group is kept small with six to eight people and fills up quickly.

This grief group is focused on members who have lost important people in their lives (recently or many years ago). We will be hosting additional grief groups in February, as well with afternoon and evening times. 

This six week group is free and donations are always welcome. Donate here.

Tuesday, December 29th, 7pm PST

Full Moon Meditation Flyer revised.jpg

This has been a challenging year full of trauma, grief, and so much loss. On this final full moon of the year 2020, Bree Rose will lead a guided meditation to  process and release what has built up this year that is no longer serving us, while we hold onto and illuminate the ways in which the year made us strong as individuals and as a community. Let us move into the new year together with fresh energies and strong intentions.

This event is free, but donations are always welcome. Donate here.

Sunday, November 29th, 6pm PST

Stone Circles Collective Doula, Amanda Provenzano discusses the intersection of death in our current times and the degradation of Gaia. We will explore how the denial of our deaths informs climate change and how we can restructure the way in which we approach death to begin the process of healing for our environment.

This event is free, and donations are always accepted for time and engagement.

Sunday, November 1, 6pm PST
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During Dia de los Muertos, please join us for a visual presentation regarding the ancient history, and rich cultural tradition of the three days of the year honoring the dead and the significance of rituals, offerings, foods, stories, songs, dance and altars, as examples of how the Mexican holiday honoring deceased children, loved ones and ancestors is celebrated and is evolving. Melissa will also discuss how the holiday has found its way into pop culture and is celebrated by cultures around the globe. 

Following the discussion, there will be Q+A, with a virtual celebration to end the night, for those who would like to engage in honoring loved ones who have passed. Space will be held for you and for your departed, as we celebrate their lives with your shares. You're invited to dress in a celebratory fashion, and have your and your loved ones favorite food and beverage ready for the celebration following the discussion which can be shared with  your loved ones who we will be honoring.


This engagement is free and donations are welcomed if you feel inclined.

Thursday, October 1, 7pm PST

Please join us for a casual online discussion with special guest, Rachel LeBlanc, licensed WA state, Funeral Director Intern of The Co-op Funeral Home of People's Memorial.


The intention of this evening is for community to connect online in engaging conversation regarding end-of-life and funerary subjects.


Perhaps you’d like to know more about green or natural burial options, or have a question about advance directives for our doulas, or have a question for Rachel regarding funerary information. We invite you to bring those questions to the circle and we all can grow in awareness with each other.