Weekend Training Retreat

July 22-24 2022

Join us for a weekend of education, ritual, and deep spiritual growth as we delve into the realm of death and grief tending


Our Purpose

Death Tending is a calling with many layers. Whether you are drawn to ritual, advocacy, body care, or any combination of these, the skills and knowledge acquired in this realm can be enormously beneficial in serving your community and preparing for/coming to terms with your own mortality. 


In the setting of a sacred forest, we will gather together with the elements to learn about the role of an End of Life Doula. This will include trainings on energy work, body tending, death rights advocacy, grief processing, and herbal allies and folklore. The weekend will include the sacred ceremony of the green burial experience in which we will collectively dig and dress a grave. It will be within this grave that each in attendance will have the opportunity to spend a few minutes wrapped in a shroud for a moment of deep reflection; ultimately gaining a new relationship with our own mortalities.


Death work is an ancestral skill that has faded in recent decades. We are here to help bring those skills back into focus.


What this weekend will include:

  • Exclusive access to this magical private land

  • Energy clearing and ritual workshops

  • Training as a home funeral guide 

  • Legal death rights education

  • Grave digging

  • Green burial experience

  • Grief processing ritual

  • Sound bath with a certified sound healer

This will be an immersive camping experience with the land, so you will need to bring everything you need to be comfortable in the woods for the weekend. If you are joining us from afar and it will not be feasible for you to bring your own supplies, please contact us as we have a limited supply of gear we can lend out.

The cost per person is $800 for this 3 day retreat. We will have 3 half price scholarships available, so please contact us if you are in financial need and could not otherwise afford this retreat (BIPOC and Queerfolk to the front!).

We will also have a delux ticket option available which will include the 3 day retreat, a tarot reading with Melissa, a package of supplies for your doula kit from Bree, and free access to Kristen’s boundary course OR a guided meditation (digital)*


To keep this gathering intimate, we will be hosting a maximum of 12 participants, so be sure to sign up early to secure your spot!

Meet The Team